October 03, 2012

Passion for Fashion

When I was still in the Philippines, I was fortunate to have a well compensated managerial job. Modesty aside, every payday I always think of what to buy then. I was into splurging & indulging because I am enjoying my single life. After office hours, if I don't have any gimiks, you can find me in Galleria or Megamall since my office is within the area. I ended end up buying groceries, accessories or anything that oftentimes I regret having. When I'm bored or doesn't want to go home yet, shopping was my bff. But, I don't buy expensive/branded stuff that when closely scrutinize vs. generics look the same. I worked in a branded retail company where some of its stuff were made in China (it's common knowledge that labor cost is cheaper in China than anywhere else) Here in USA, they don't remove the tags where it shows the country of origin. So, if you happen to see one bag similar to the branded ones but not imitation, would you still buy the more expensive one? Maybe yes, right? Some of us have this passsion for fashion, what ever is the latest, hip, chic, name it!, we tell ourselves, I must have it! People that are too well-off can afford these expensive/branded stuff because it becomes part of their lifestyle, these things somehow define them amongst others. There's nothing wrong with that, what's not right is compelling yourself to have one that you can't afford based on your cashflow & will divert into using credit cards. I don't know, who am I to judge, right? But, I can't stand those people trying so hard to be somebody that they're not in the expense of depriving their families of their basic needs. They can afford to buy a very expensive mobile phone, a bag or a shoes then you'll see their child having the same shoes for 2 years. What triggered me to write this post was, my friend's whining of not having a branded bag or shoes when she attended their reunion. She felt outcasted because she can't relate on the topic of conversation, re: LV Bags and thought of not attending the grand reunion. I told her that who cares, if she just have generics, it's how you carry them & yourself to look good and be appreciated. I mocked some people who wear branded ones but don't look good on them, assuming it might not be genuine unless they showed you the receipt, (lol) for her to cheer up. It's not how much you wear, it's how you wear it is the most important. I don't have anything against those people that are so passionate with Fashion, as long as they can afford it, why not!
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