January 24, 2011

Planning Ahead - Son's Birthday

Time flies so fast, my son is going to be a year older this spring. We are thinking of what to do on his birthday which is usually held at my inlaw's residence. I'm sure the weather will be good by then except if it's going to rain. Anyways, I'm thinking of an outdoor barbeque party and we will be using my inlaw's new propane grilling with bronze burners. For the kids, they will be having sausages and hotdogs, for the oldies ribs, pork chops, chicken and maybe fish. Ohmy! cooking / grilling is not really my forte, so I leave that to my mother in law which I am very sure she wouldn't mind. I'll just take care of the other stuff that will be needed. I am thinking of paperplates but I remember that my sister in law gave me blue polka dot dinnerware last christmas. They are soo pretty and the polka dots are cool design. Kids would love them and blue is very appropriate as a color scheme for my birthday boy. I would also bake some cookies and prepare mac n cheese for the kids. For the oldies' food, my mother in law would be in charge and hubby will take care of the drinks. We got lots of wines last christmas but I need to buy a rubber stopper for the wine bottle. It's better to plan ahead so I can check on the their availabilities because some of my inlaws (hubby's siblings) are already scheduling their spring break vacations.

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