January 01, 2011

Recap 2010

Twelve months have passed, let me recapitulate what had transpired each month in one way or another related to me. In the month of January 2010, was full of hope, anticipating things will be better in terms of our financial investments but as the months went by, it got worse. By February, where you expect that love is in the air, the Super Bowl which I am a big fan that made New Orleans Saints the champion agaisnt Indiana Colts and also the equally exciting Winter Olympics held in Vancouver. Come March, the ObamaCare was signed, which I don't believe that he needed to prioritize amongst other problems such increase in unemployment, housing & huge deficit. I think that it's not yet time to overhaul the healthcare system at this present economic situation. Then, April the tax month which made it officially dissappointing to us because we have the figures of losses & less income since I got less hours starting mid of 2009 & finally lost my job in January 2010 after coming back from my vacation from my hometown. This month, my son turned 2 years old. Then in May, BP Oil Spill disaster & mother's day which we traditionally celebrate by having breakfast or lunch with all the members of my husband's family. In June, father's day is celebrated the same way with mother's day. The World Cup Series. Come July to September, our Summer escapades visiting fun/festival fairs. Then by October, my birthday and Texas Rangers defeated the Yankees in ALCS. I met some ladies from my hometown who live nearby & we started hanging out in Halloween day as escorts to our sons trick or treat. By November, election day, thanksgiving which we traditionally celebrate in my bro-in law's residence with the entire member of my husband's immediate family as well as my sis-in law's. Then by evening we & my new found friends reunited again having our hometown local dishes, singing, dancing & lots of fun. Last December was an indulgence month were dieting was set aside 'coz of consecutive occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, New Year's Eve. Lots of gift giving & receiving which made my son so excited and happy for his new toys. These were just some of the details on what have transpired in the past months as far as I can recall & related to me. Furthermore, 2010 was not a better year for us, financially & healthwise. Though I met some wonderful people & reconnected with some long lost friends thru Facebook which made it a good year.

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