December 21, 2012

Spicy Curry Chicken

Flurries and snow showers came so early today. Hubby was compelled to wake up early, though its his dayoff, he needs to shovel the snow. It's my grocery shopping schedule also which I'm so reluctant to do if it's not only that I need to buy my son's diaper, I would stay home. Anyways, when it's cold I crave for spicy food and thought of preparing spicy chicken curry which is soo easy to cook. When I got home, after putting away the groceries, I started to prepare the chicken breast already defrozed (direct from the grocery store),  potatoes, carrots and tofu. Thanks to the Thai Kitchen Curry Simmer Sauce because it makes it easier to prepare. I just simmer the sauce, tossed the veggies, then the chicken, tofu and added ground chilli pepper. Viola! yummy spicy chicken curry. It warmed my body up to the bones and cleared out my sinuses.

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