January 09, 2011

What's in the NEWS?

When I was in the Philippines, I used to watch the late evening news program of ABS-CBN on weekdays, TV Patrol on weekends. I must admit that showbiz news enticed me more than other national issues. But relevant issues such ousting ERAP, I was there in EDSA 2. When I got here, I became more aware of issues especially the local ones. I watch news in the morning, 5pm and the late evening plus I read Sunday's newspaper (actually that's for the coupons, lol) My hubby is always suprise hearing me commenting on recent issues especially here in our state. He can't believe that I paid much attention to these issues. Well, one reason is I am a SAHMy, so I have lots of time to watch tv while taking care of my son. But, of course interest should be there because you might as well watch drama series / reality shows, etc. I am more familiar with politician's name, QB's of NFL, baseball players than my husband is. I am amazed of myself 'coz when I was in the Philippines, I don't care of relevant news/issues. Anyways, I watched the morning news today & currently reading the sunday paper before I thought of writing this post. It's sad news for people of Arizona, but of course for the whole country on that shooting incident. A lot of people are grieving and praying for the recovery of the Congress woman. It's so disappointing because Americans wanted transparency, be heard and be part of solutions to problems that's why this town hall meetings or gatherings were started BUT it became an medium to get rid of people in power. Politicians / elected govt. officials are now warned to take precautions on holding public meetings. What's the consequence of this incident? Less meetings, less chance to be heard & possible non-inclusion to policy/law making. Again, the culprit is said to be not on his proper/unstable state of mind. Shooting people which resulted to death of innocent ones, serious injuries and trauma for those who survived, is definitely an unstable person. Anyways, the football game last night were awesomely exciting. NY Jets & Seahawks made an upset victory. They both defeated the reigning Super Bowl 2009 teams, Saints & Colts. Sorry for the Manning brothers, Eli Manning's loss with Eagles was a huge one. Michael Vick's redemption is working. Therefore, the Bears might have Eagles (if they won over Packers tonight) or Seahawks (they won over Saints). What an exciting football season. I'm not that much into Showbiz news unless it's a huge one. There's one thing that caught my attention when I saw the new co-host of ET, the former co-host of Access Hollywood, Nancy O'Dell, just intrigued what's the cause of leaving Access. Need to sign off now to research the reason, lol!

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