January 11, 2011

When to open gifts?

As I was organizing my son's toys which were mostly gifts to him, I saw an unopened one. After opening the gift, it brought me back to my first christmas here. Hubby and I received gifts from my inlaws (hubby's parents and siblings) during our get together party. Before the party ended, everybody opened their respective gifts infront of the givers, while ours were kept/set aside as I used to do when I was in the Philippines. We usually open our gifts when we reached home, as part of etiquette so as not to create awkwardness for the recipient and the giver. For the giver, possible embarrasment if the gift ended as inferior compared with the others. For the recipient, possible disappointed reaction if the gift was not favorable. To avoid this scenario and not to spoil a gathering, it's better to open gifts without the presence of the giver unless insisted. Hubby asked me to get our gifts, open them infront of the givers and thank each one of them. It was so uneasy feeling, where everyone was staring & awaiting for the gifts to be opened. Hubby explained, the giver wants to know if the recipient likes their gift because they took time looking for it. From then on, I really choose our gifts for the kids because I know that they will open them in our presence. Appreciation is expected both from the giver and recipient. One of the things I embraced when I moved here.

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