February 12, 2011

Atkins Diet

Hubby is into Atkins diet which I don't agree with because it is not well balanced especially during the first phase of the diet. It suggests that you eat a lot of protein and very little carbohydrates. Less carb intake could put ones health to risk. So, this diet-sortie add up to my stress for thinking on what meal shall I prepare for him which some of you might have known by now that I'm not a good cook. I have limited list in my recipe roster. Since Atkins Diet focused on fat and protein, so I prepare most of the time chicken meals (no to red meat). Hubby could no longer take chicken most of the time so he decided to take out a slab of rib  but since it's a combo meal, it goes with a french fries, garlic bread and barbeque sauce. He just took the rib and gave the unhealthy ones to me. We commit ourselves on losing weight and being healthy this year but how can I stick with my OnOFF diet (diet today, indulge the next day,vice versa) if he will stuffed me with all these kind of food. Though I love it, but come to think of it, it's not really good for one's health. The reason why USA has a growing Obesity problem, is because of this kind of food. I realized that those people in my country living in remote (province) are healthier than those in the city, because they eat fresh veggies and loves fish than meat. Wishing everyone to start a healthy lifestyle, we can do it if we think of our love ones especially our kids. They need us to be healthy to be with them longer.

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