February 24, 2011

The Bible

I found my son messing up with our books which include a Bible. He used to take all his books from the shelf, sat on them and read. Recently, he likes our books which are on the 2nd row of the book shelf. At first, everything seemed fine because he's browsing pages of those books with lots of visuals. But yesterday, I found one copy of our bible torn into two. How he was able to do that? I didn't see him doing that but I have an idea. Maybe he left it open same with the others and walked over them. So, I gave him the yellow page directory and apartment for rent magazines (one that you find free in gas station). They are now the latest victims of the tearing. He also tore some pages of Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul. He kinda like the sound of turning the pages and when he discovered the tearing sound, it's been a favorite.

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