May 05, 2013

How to Improve Marriage Without Talking About It

Last week I borrowed tons of various books from the library. Children books are chosen according to its visual presentation and some are from the display areas or the 'what's hot today?' corner. Anyways, I grabbed this book 'How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It' without turning the pages. When I got home, I have DVDs, Children, Cook / Diet, How to Do's books and the above placed on top of our dining table. Hubby browsed all of them and when he found the above book, anxiously asked 'Why are you borrowing this book?'. I laughed out so loud, which added to his stressed face. "C'mon, it's on the what's hot today? corner, besides, I don't need to improve our marriage because it's on its best (wink)". I'm smiling while doing this post, because I didn't expect that my husband would have that reaction. He knew me as someone who says what I think and feel and wouldn't keep them inside of me. He thought I don't need some tips from a book because I can openly say what I think and feel which he always listen. I told him that I want to be a Relationship Guru through my blog which he knows I'm just kidding. The truth is, I was captivated by its title How To Improve...., any books with "How to's..." title usually get my attention. The book tells about relationship/marriage's conflicts, where it originates, what the wife expect of the husband, and vice versa. That when it comes to talking about relationships, men knows something that most women don't. Conflicts/Disagreements has nothing to do with your partner's lack of interest or poor communication skills. It even says that the more you talk about the marriage the more conflict you'll get. Cited example is, a woman would always want to talk because she feels disconnected, the man, doesn't want to talk about it because he'll feel shame and think of causing the things that bother the woman. The purpose of the woman is to overcome his fear of disconnection but it will cause shame/guilt for the man. Want to learn more, just grab a copy from your library or from Borders who's on closing sale now. This is not related to the book, but I thought of what will be hubby's reaction if I borrowed a book with title 'How to be Single again? (for sure if he reads this, he'll say 'I'll read the book too!, hahahaha)

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