February 10, 2011

Colds and Stuffy Nose

I feel bad for my son because he has colds. His nose is super stuffy which makes it hard to breathe so he cries and will look at me seemed saying 'Mommy, take this out'. I give him lots of fluid, milk, juice and water. Last night, he woke up thrice and I needed to sleep in his room to rub his back. I put vicks vaporub on his chest/back and make sure that he sleeps on his tummy. Tonight, after I give him a bath, we'll stay longer in the steamy bathroom. If its only not so cold tonight, I would bring him outside because I remember his pediatrician told us before to bring him out to breath the night air. I have the humidifier but I forgot to buy a new filter, I'll get the tommorow. One of the things that make me suddenly cry is to see my son sick or not feeling well. I'm somewhat a cry diva, when I watch dramas or any heartbreaking story or article that I read, I cry. What more if it concerns my son. I wish I could have all the pain or any feelings that bother him because I want my son to be sick free and stay as macoolet (active) as he is. That makes me super happy, seeing your love one active and happy. Though new shoes and bags could make me happy too (in case hubby could read this, he'll have an idea what to give me on Valentines day,lol), but nothing compares to being healthy.

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