February 08, 2011

Dentist appointment

I went to my dentist yesterday for cleaning and she found a crack on the top-end tooth (wisdom tooth). I didn't know that I cracked my tooth, can't remember any instance but anyways, she told me that she needs to see it up close thus, a need for regular film x-ray. I asked her questions about dental x-ray radiation because I watched Dr. Oz show and one episode discussed the risk of being exposed to radiation in the airport body scan and dental x-ray. Dr. Oz discussed the risks of dental x-rays with respect to getting thyroid cancer and recommend to ask for a digital x-ray over film x-ray because it's less radiation. He also reminded that the radiation gown comes with a thyroid guard apron, so make sure you wear them for protection. With this, I asked my dentist if I can have a digital x-ray, which unfortunately they don't have. My dentist defended the procedure and compared the radiation dosage that she's going to give me is the same with the same amount of radiation that I get standing infront of a turned on microwave. So, I agreed and found out that they don't have the thyroid guard apron, so I just pulled up the body apron to cover part of my neck. My dentist recommended that tooth be extracted the soonest because it served already its purpose and it's useless to salvage. I'll have that on my next appointment.

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