February 16, 2011

Facebook Security Settings vs. Blogsites'

Wow, I'm so energized to write a post. Lots of things in my mind that I want to bring out like this topic. I have a Facebook account but I really limit them with my family, friends and people that I really know/seen personally. Thanks for the Facebook security settings where you can set photo album to 'only friends or named group' who can view them. Same as with post status / videos and you can set your profile not be to searched within Facebook. So, there's a little privacy (because there's nothing private in the net) for some details and developments in your life that you're willing to share via facebook. I'm just worried whenever I read some blogs that cite things in very detailed manner and some personal disclosures. You can't modify settings in blog sites that it can only be viewed by 'only friends', it's for everyone. People you don't know are reading your posts, there are nice strangers but there are also not-so-nice. Blogs can be soo real and can also be deceiving. I don't know, again to each his own, but I'm just concerned about safety and privacy.

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