February 16, 2011

Lady GAGA (Gaga means 'stupid')

It's so nice to have longer hours of me-time, my son is taking a nap thus, the mommy is having the liberty to write a post. Have you seen the Grammy? Were you amazed with Lady Gaga's intro? Not anymore? Me too. Anyways, the word GAGA in my hometown dialect means 'stupid female' its counterpart is 'GAGO for stupid male. Lady GAGA did stupid things like when she visited the New York Jets, what she wore, she swore and made dirty finger. But, for me she's brilliant!  Madonna and Lady Gaga are being compared but the latter is a good a musician. I love Madonna too, I grew up with her songs like Borderline, Crazy For You, etc. Lady Gaga is being identified with the younger generations but even I am on my 40's, I do like some of her songs, those are nice compositions and she has the talent to reinvent herself. Lady Gaga, Guy Bieber, Lady Rihanna, Lady Antebellum, Guy Bruno and Lady Streisand have one thing in common, ME! I like them all.

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