February 18, 2011

My Best friend is going to be a Daddy

This post brought to you by CryoCell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's been 3 years since my best friend and his wife got married and in GOD's time everyone's prayer for them was granted and that's to have their little angel. My best friend is going to be a daddy to a baby boy. He is so excited much more his wife who quit her job to take care of her pregnancy. It was thanksgiving when they learned about the good news, a very thankful day for them. His wife is collecting books and other references for her journey to motherhood. She's also surfing the net for some other information and to get help/advises from other mommies. She's planning to breastfeed the baby and they also want to keep their baby's umbilical cord blood for future use if needed. They found this www.Cryo-Cell.com site and they requested for information packet which comes with a free belly bag. They've been waiting for this moment, having a child and they will do everything for their son including this plan of banking their baby's cord blood with www.Cryo-Cell.net. Parents know best for their child and for my best friend who's financially prepared, he can afford to give what's best for his child.

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