February 18, 2011

Oh-Busy-City = OBESITY

Before learning what states have higher obesity rates, I have this notion that most of the obesity problems are concentrated on the metro city areas. I even made up and connected the word obesity to oh-busy-city. This is due to the presence of many fast food restaurants and the busy life in the city which make the residents to eat more and have unhealthy type of food. I thought that people who live in the metro city areas have more tendencies to have obesity and related problems. This is due to lack of time in preparing their food at home due to work especially those rendering long hours. Also, the presence of various fast food and buffet restaurants are really tempting. But I was wrong, people are more engaged in physical activities / exercises in the metro city areas. In my country those people living in provinces / remotes are healthier and lives longer because they eat fresh and healthy food and the absence of fast food restaurants is a factor too. I think obesity is no longer demographics related. Whether you live in the South or North or Metro Cities, it's more on lifestyle and genes. If I have an authority to allocate budget in the government projects, I would allot more on programs for obesity which is an epidemic already. It should be given utmost attention like any other illnesses supported by government funding. Most of major illnesses are weight gain related such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Problem, etc. I heard that Michelle Obama has a project to fight obesity, the program is pushing schools to change their lunch menus into a healthier ones and promoting physical activities. That's good! It's hard to preach when you can't apply it to yourself but there's one thing that I always stick in my mind, that I should not wait for illness as my reason to stop an unhealthy habit. Obesity is a serious problem, because it causes more spending on healthcare due to various illnesses it will give one. Media could help to educate people on eating and staying healthy by making more tv shows, advertisements helping people to turn eating habits to a physical activities. Maybe give higher tax to pizza and other junk food? lol!

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