February 19, 2011

One Tiring Day

It's hubby's day off and I told him last night that I will be having my me-time, meaning I'll be away from my dearest son for few hours and he'll be in charge. Things changed because hubby wants our son's haircut be done today, it means I have to go with them because it's a chaos when my son is having a haircut. We woke up late,so we headed to the barber shop almost lunch time. My son doesn't like having haircut that's why we always want a buzz cut for him so it will take some time for us to go back. Nothing changed, my son still cries, scream, kick and overpowering the four of us. Our son is seated on hubby's lap to hold his hand/body, me holding his head, the assistant holding his legs while the barber is doing the cut. It seemed like I went to the gym and did some arm exercises. I was so exhausted after the session and got a headache because the temperature inside the barber shop was too hot. We postponed taking our lunch since we had breakfast before leaving our house. We decided to go to the mall and let our son play while I did some shopping. My headache got severe thus, hindered me to shop more which I felt bad because there are lots of stuff on sale especially in Borders who's on sale since the company filed bankcruptcy last Wednesday. Then when I came back to pick up my two boys, still with severe headache, my son badly needed a diaper change. Ohmy! my headache went high up to the ceiling. I was soo exhausted because it's also a struggle to change my son's diaper especially in public restroom. Finally, we decided to take our lunch but unfortunately my son fell asleep. So we don't want him to throw tantrums in the restaurant, we let him sleep for 30-45 minutes by driving around and me dropping by in Target to buy some groceries. When we're in the restaurant, I ordered Greek Chicken which takes 30 minutes to prepare, if I have known, I could have ordered omelet because I was starving already. While waiting for our meals, I was dealing with a crabby child. I gave him his toys, my camera, feeding him with biscuit, my cellphone up to the time that I needed to bring out his portable dvd. It's so tiring! Hubby couldn't pacify him so I can't let him take charge. I thought I could have my me-time (huhuhuhuhu). Anyways, after our lunch we headed home and chores are waiting for me. But I closed my eyes and ignored them (hehehe). I will procrastinate this time to have time browsing the net (hahaha). That's for now, I need to recover by going to bed early. **Happy Birthday Angel!**

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eds said...

hehehe..that is motherhood...tiring yet fulfulling... the irony is that THEY are our strenght during those times.