February 05, 2011

Preparing for Super Bowl

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

After the blizzard, it's time for a lot of digging / shoveling which hubby and I shared doing. I'm so worn out to prepare lunch so we decided to dine out in our favorite restaurant. Since I just had coffee for breakfast, I decided to order ham/cheese omelet for lunch and hubby his fav rib eye steak and eggs. We fed our little one with some of our meals. When I got my omelet, I asked for TABASCO® Original Red which is my favorite especially on this season that I needed to warm up my body since we're outside for long hours removing snow. Also, it's hubby's favorite to enhance the taste of hash brown and eggs. The waitress came to apologize for running out of hot sauce and instead offered me ketchup which I declined. I ended up bringing left over omelet (see the photo) which seldom happens whenever we dined out. My dad's hometown is well known for its chili/hot foods. So I grew up loving the taste of chili/hot food. In the Philippines, they're used of saying tabasco instead of "hot sauce". I remember my mom cooking spicy beef caldereta (Philippines' beef stew) TABASCO® Original Red is part of the ingredients which goes along with tomato sauce (see photo). Ohmy! I miss my mom's recipes. Speaking of recipes, I'm still thinking what to prepare for Super Bowl night, even Bears didn't make it, we'll be having a simple party. The guys want pizza and the ladies want tacos. I need to have my grocery shopping to get all the stuff that we need especially the TABASCO® Original Red. Pizza and Tacos wouldn't taste good without it. If you haven't decided yet what to prepare on Super Bowl, check this out Game-Day Party Menu to help you especially how to wow each pizza bites because it's not only pizza but Pizza Perfected. Go Packers!, Go Steelers! Whoever wins, it's worth watching having your family/friends, food to share and TABASCO® Original Red around.

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