February 03, 2011

Return and Exchange Policy

One of the things that I love here in USA is the policy for returns and exchanges. Most of the retailers are committed to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their purchase otherwise they openly accept any returns and exchanges. One retailer varies from another with regards to span of time that the customer could return the merchandise. Customers could ask for an exchange or refund or a credit via gift card. Most retailers accept returns without receipt but would require customer to show personal identification to get their full name and some other details and lastly their signature. Some retailers allowed returns up to 90 days, it depends on the type of merchandise. Also, the convenience of returning the merchandise, some retailers offer free pick-up, or free shipping fee. The last time I made a return was 4 months ago, it was an oversized sweater given to me. I just brought the sweater to JC Penney and I got credit via gift card because I don't have time to look for a replacement. It's very convenient. In my country, it's not that easy because there are lots of imitation products that comes from China, so retailers are very strict with their return policy. It will be hard for one customer to return a merchandise without price tag intact and receipt. Wherever you might be, always make sure that you check your merchandise very well, keep your receipt and don't remove the tag so that it won't be hard to do returns


analou said...

I agree with this one but sometimes customers abused their rights. They should be responsible also to what they buy.

By the way, yes we can exchange links. Thanks for the visit.

Edsie said...

when i went to minessota on 2008, i experienced the very nice return and exchange policy they have there.. it was so easy returning or exchanging something you bought.. unlike here in the philippines.. :)

added you to my blogroll!! :)