March 30, 2013

Stay away from us

Hubby and I woke up so early not because we set the alarm clock or due to our son, the culprit was the SKUNK. The spray reached all corners of the house and when the heat is on, the worse it gets. We still have that skunk-scent inside the house for almost 5 hours now. Ohmy! I have headache already, the scent of the house is terrible because it's a mixture of airfreshner, scented candle, bleach, perfume and the skunk-scent. He stayed under our front porch. He could have stayed in some bigger porch, but he loved ours. Anyways, we poured bleach all over the sides of the porch. Hubby said that after valentines day, the skunks are looking for mates and in March, it's the mating season. I thought my hubby was just making up the story but when he showed me proof via net, I was convinced. I hoped our striped porchsmate find his real mate and relocate to her porch-town. Hopefully, it's not the other way around, where she will relocate too in our porch, (lol). We reported already this striped guy before and I think they got him but unfortunately he's back or there is a new one. We need to remove some bushes on the side of the porch so that it won't cover the holes they're going to dig. Our neighbors told us that we're not alone in dealing with this because there are similar cases ongoing nearby. So, the striped scented creatures built a community within our community. I hope he won't come back to our porch because we poured gals. of bleach and may he finally rest in peace in case he got an accident while crossing the street or may he lives happily ever after with his new found mate.

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