February 11, 2011

Tyson vs. Banquet Chicken Nuggets

The battle began and according to the tastebud of my little one, the winner is Tyson. I went to a nearby grocery store the other day and grabbed a bag of Banquet Chicken Nuggets. I used to buy Tyson brand but the grocery store ran out of stock. Anyways, I thought it would just be the same because my son would care less, as long as it taste chicken nuggets. But, I underestimated my son's taste and now suffer the consequence of having bought that Banquet brand because I need to eat them all.(Hubby declined to help me because he's into his diet-sortie) My son doesn't want it! I don't know why he suddenly doesn't want to eat any of the chicken nuggets I served him. I'll figure that this Sunday because I'll make sure I will be getting a Tyson Brand. I tried to find out why he preferred the Tyson brand over the Banquet, the latter is less crispier and somewhat chickenless taste. Look at the evidence (photo), the leftover is still untouch and sits in the refrigerator. For each time that I serve my son the Banquet brand, he declined so, I needed to keep them hoping he'll change his mind, until I lost interest of eating them too. Do you have a favorite chicken nuggets brand?


Anonymous said...

If you knew how Tyson companies treated their chickens you wouldnt ever buy another Tyson product again. They are shot up with steroids, so they grow 10 times faster and usually are deformed because of that. They are left in the dark their whole lives and live in their own feces. My teacher who is a activist and video artist was able to get inside a Tyson chicken coop and I almost couldnt watch. The men throwing baby chickens, stepping on them and smashing them into doors....its terrible. Beware of Monsantos and Smithfield as well. Watch Food Inc. itll change your outlook on all food.

thesahmydotcom said...

Thank you for your information. Your perception/opinion on Tyson and to other brands you mentioned are respected but for me this could be an isolated case and for sure since this is brought to public already, modifications were done. In my country, there are lots of horrible processes that were discovered and if we will not give them the chance to improve and change, lots of people will be unemployed and families starving. Remember there were lot of news about China's harmful ingredients in medicine, food products, children toys and pet food. Their attention was called and they terminated/modified their processes. Recently, who will thought that apple juice and oranges have harmful ingredients? For sure there are lots of undisclosed horrible processes for each product that we're eating/using because some people want to be ahead on whatever cost which is sad but it's the truth. Again, thank you for visiting my site.