February 25, 2011

What is GOOGLE Buzz?

I was asked the other day if I am using Google Buzz. I don't have any idea what's it all about but obviously it's another product of Google. I noticed that all products of Google are linked together. The other day, when I opened my Youtube account, I was forced to link it with a google account, existing or create a new one. It's good in the sense that I don't need to login to my Gmail, Blogger and Youtube separately but the not so good thing is when my Gmail is left open. Whenever I'm doing my post in blogger, it's automatically linked to my gmail and youtube, so if there's another computer user who will access gmail, mine will be disclosed. Anyways, I browsed for info about Google Buzz and learned that it's a form of social networking. This is their plan to compete with Facebook and Twitter. It was launched February 2010 and from then received lots of criticism in terms of privacy concerns which some of them put them to legal issues. Well, the more the merrier but if you're intentionally making a product that's half cooked and plan to resolve/improve it while it's already out there being tried, is disappointing. Privacy issues play a big role in persuading loyal users of Facebook to migrate. Who knows?, Google Buzz could be bigger than Facebook. Let's wait and see.

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