February 17, 2011

World News

It's so funny to know that I somehow change in terms of being aware of what's happening around the world. Why bother with others' problems? would be my reaction six (6) years ago. But now, I am concern with what's going on? what will happen next? who are they? I guess my CS operation contributed, lol! Seriously, maybe it's because I already have my own family especially my son. I want to give the best for him and will ensure that he's protected and always safe. So whenever I read the news whether it's local or around the world that concerns safety of children physically and financially, I react. The recent Egypt chaos, I thought of how fortunate our family especially my son to be in a country where full democracy is being observed. Also, it has an effect on global economy where investors are very cautious to invest more that puts business plans on hold, less jobs, less hiring proven by the plunge of the stock markets world wide. Then you'll read about Sudan situation, Iran's protests, Bahrain's, Russia's airport bombing, Italy's Head of the Govt. in trial and so forth. I am a very optimistic type of person but in the aspect of looking these situations as signs of changing times, I mean more hardships in the future is anticipated. How about mother nature related problems? Floods, Snowstorm, Earthquakes and others are scary. They can ruin your life in a flash. What people need is to go back to GOD. For each advancement in technology, people tend to attach with it, forgetting that there are better thing in life than material things and one of that is PEACE. I hope that other countries could have the peace and freedom they've been asking for. Did I sound like delegate for world peace movement? Well, there's time for Lady Gaga and there's time for world peace.

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