February 21, 2011

Why Pink is for Girls & Blue for Boys?

I seldom see pink shirts for little boys but there are plenty of blues for girls. How it started that Pink is identified for girls and Blue for boys? I will google for info.  For each expectant mother who knows the gender of her baby, would usually follow the color coding. She will design the nursery room with blue scheme if the baby is a boy and pink for a girl. The other day I found a pink unisex shirt and so excited to buy it for my son but unfortunately, I'm with hubby who said "no". I don't want to argue in public so I didn't buy the shirt. If I'll see that next time, I will buy it without hubby knowing. (lol!) Anyways, what's in the color? Pink is feminine looking so it won't be appropriate for boys to wear that color? Then, Blue is masculine so it would fit on the boys? For me, kids clothing colors should not be limited to or identified with what it represents. For the grown-ups guys, if they wear pink color, they will be tagged as gay. So, what color that women wear that will tag them as lesbian/gay? I don't know, according to some Fashion Guru, as long as men could pull it off wearing pink color shirt,tie,etc. it's ok. In other cultures, color signifies something, like the Chinese love wearing red because it symbolizes prosperity. Whether men or women, they wear red color clothing. Maybe I don't have the fashion sense if this color identification is a part of it. If designers are not open to creating more pink clothing for guys, it's discrimination! (lol)

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