March 02, 2011

Apple iPad2

It was just nine months ago, that iPad was released to the market and herego the next one. They offered a slash of $100 for the first one which will make sense if there are no huge difference on their features. I'm not into technical aspect especially on gadgets like these but based on some features they differ, I found these:
                                     iPad                                         iPad2
Thickness                   13.4mm                                    8.8mm
Weight                       680g                                        601g
Colors                        Black                                        Black / White
Price(WI-FI)              $399/$499/$599                           $499/$599/$699

Ohmy! there are lots of gadgets available, I heard of Motorolla's, HP's and others which are so cool to own but for a sahmy like me dependent on my hubby's income for now, I can't afford to have one. I have the liberty to use our desktop anytime so I'll stick with it for the meantime. Technology runs so fast.

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