March 15, 2011

Be Fit in terms of Health & Finances

Spring is coming to town, you better watch out and no need to cry and frown (lol). Bring out those plans and for the others start making one. We usually take notes of the fair festival here in our state and nearby via Our son loves the fun rides though scared at first but when he get used with, he doesn't want to let go. It's a family bonding for the three of us where we get to travel outside our comfort / routine routes and be assured that our son will have fun. It is also a form of exercise where long walks are anticipated. This is an example of being fit health-wise and financially. Going to fair festival is usually free or you'll just spend a minimum for parking or entrance fee. You can bring your own food and drinks but it beats the purpose of going there because fairs signifies food and rides. Anyways, walking around is an exercise which helps you to be fit at the same time going to fair fits ones budget. Speaking of being healthy and financially fit, I remember my friends' neighbor who pays all services in maintaining their lawn.They are still on their late 30's and usually have three (3) days off/week. I thought that they could be smarter if they do it by themselves because they have the time and they're fit to do it. If you can afford to pay all services to give you convenience, why not? But if you're struggling or just someone who wants to save extra bucks in this tough times, instead of paying others to do your lawn, why not do it by yourself. At the end, you will be glad that you've done it because it saved you lawn maintenance services fee and you have a free workout which could save you a gym fee.

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