March 10, 2011

Big Girls Don't Cry - Ouch!

I can hear and see my friends' reaction about the title of the post after they'll learn that I was referring to myself, (lol). They will rephrase it with Old Lady....., I'm fine with it. I was replacing our curtain in the kitchen which been there for decades (lol) with a new one that I bought from Walmart. When I removed the curtain rod, the the other base was already loose so I took a screw driver to tighten the screw but it won't work. There's a need to move it to another area, I thought it will just be so easy but the screw won't get through the wall. I took a hammer and a piece of nail, then pound the nail through the wall to create a tiny hole but unfortunately I pounded my thumb, OUCHHHHHHH! Big Girls don't cry but I can't help it, it's so painful. Glad I still have my thumb. Lesson learned : Do not replace curtain at night. When you're going to use a small nail, make sure you have the tool to hold it (plier). Lastly, do not replace your curtain (hahahahahha). In the photo, it was on the top left portion where the 'ouch' happened.

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