March 31, 2011

Blogger's new feature 'Dynamic Views'

Check this out, five (5) new dynamic views in Blogger that can be customized as soon it's formally launch. As per the video's information' These new views use the latest in web technology, including AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3, to deliver a host of benefits to the bloggers and the readers. Cool!

It's awesome, I tried it and I like the Flipcard view, kinda neat! If you're using Blogger, just add /view at the end of your URL, example my site  and it will divert you to the default dynamic view which is Sidebar. Play around and it's so cool, I just don't know if speed will be a factor because some readers especially in the Philippines depend on dial-up.

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The Online Kenyan said...

I'd thought about leaving Blogger, but with the changes they are making this year... wow, just wow.

The new views are just awesome. And the fact that they have been optimized for tablets doesn't hurt either. btw, really nice template