March 31, 2011

Bloopers 101 the series

Crazilly, a term created by my hubby to describe the other side of me, crazy and silly. I would not dissent with that because my mom used to tell me that I got that from my playmates to save her and my dad from humiliation,lol! (love you nay & tay) I'm sure I got this funny side of me from my mom because my dad is a serious type. Anyways, I thought of documenting and sharing some funny stories which usually involve me because I love making fun of myself, it's safer.

Let's have blooper#1
A decade ago, a Monday morning in the Philippines, rush hour and after 30 minutes of waiting, I finally got a spot in a FX taxi and sat in the middle section, right next to the door. When I was paying the fare of P10.00, the driver asked for P5.00 more. I got upset and said that I used to pay P10.00 everyday but the driver mentioned lots of alibi for the increase. He took advantage of the situation to overcharge his passengers. When I was on my destination, got off the taxi, shut the door, my overlap-style skirt got stuck. Fortunately, the driver didn't drove right away (his chance to retaliate with my ranting of paying additional) so I was able to pull it slowly because I don't have the guts to open the door and or ask the passenger to open it for me. I forgot that I lend that skirt to my cousin and she had to adjust the hook to loosen on her. I was 7-10 steps away, when suddenly I felt something fell on the ground, ohmy! it's my skirt! With pride and poise, I stepped back and lifted my skirt and put it on again. I want to vanish on that moment considering I was in a train station with lots of people. Then, a lady approached me from behind and said some comforting words 'don't worry, it's not that obvious because you're wearing a cycling short.' Yes, I wore a navy blue tight cycling short matched with the color of my skirt. I'm not comfy without half slip or tight short when wearing a skirt. It was a blessing that the driver didn't pulled away before I unstuck my skirt, because it could have fractured any part of my body. To give you some ideas, herego the photos:
middle section of a Toyota FX Taxi

skirt was similar to this, overlapping, hooked on the side
What's the moral lesson? Believe in karma, I got it after my 'pagtataray' and always check your clothes to prevent possible malfunction. This is one of those bloopers that I kept on sharing with my old friends with matching renactment which made us laugh more. Do you have embarassing / funny story too?

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