March 29, 2011

Donation Bins or The Salvation Army

Wherever you go here in USA, you will find those donation bins for each category whether in gas stations, retail stores, church, school and others which usually placed on the parking areas. Last Fall, I dumped some of our winter clothes in those donation bins at Walmart. Usually I send some of my used clothes to the Philippines which most of the recipients don't mind at all if they were used ones. Used ones in my case were just worn twice or sometimes they're unused and no longer fitted for the season. Way back then, whenever my friends here in USA send their used stuff to me, I was so excited and very much appreciative of the thoughtfulness and generosity. For those people who feel less appreciative because they received used ones, think about this. Here in USA, donations could have a tax deductible value, meaning for each non-cash item donation that one made correspond to a rate. If it reach $500 +, then one is entitle to file Internal Revenue Service Form 8283, Non cash Charitable Contributions. To determine the IRS value of donated property, visit this site If you think that you have more than $500 worth of stuff based on this table of estimated item rates provided by The Salvation Army, then you could file Form 8283. Be happy and thankful that you received used stuff from USA because they could have donated them for tax deductible purposes. Now, I realized one source of ukay-ukay stuff could be The Salvation Army because they resale the donated items. Honestly, I was a buyer of ukays when I was there in the Philippines, I had some of my signature brand blazers from them.  Here are the The Salvation Army estimated rates for some items:
For Adult Clothing

for the Children Clothing, Furniture, Household Goods and Miscellaneous, check this out. The bottom line, when you have extra stuff or things that you no longer need, donate them whether for tax deductible or for solely charity purposes but make sure they are still usable because you don't want to offend a recipient. Happy Goodwill Day!


emzkie said...

ive never been in one of those goodwill stores. sabi kc nila halos pareho lang daw ng new.. to think it was donated, but people took advantage of it, kaya d na ako pumunta. pero dyan sa inyo ano.. good deal masyado. =)

Mom Daughter Style said...

i'll add you to my blogroll too. thanks.