March 30, 2011

Four seasons of Life

Time flies so fast, we are now in Spring Season. The four seasons can be compared to our life stages. Spring (child/teenhood), Summer (early 20's), Fall (30's-40's) and Winter (50's+). I'm into Fall season stage and I've learned lots of things as I got through the other seasons of life. They made me a better person, no regrets with the mistakes that I've committed because through them, I became wiser and stronger. I appreciated more my mom and all the mothers out there. I respect more those people working as househelper since I became a wife and a mom doing chores that I've never done before. I embraced these changes with difficulties at first but learned to love doing them. Looking back when I was still single, I was into sort of midlife crisis. It's wanting to know what's my priority among my priorities. I didn't know what to do next. When I got home, tiresome retires me. At work, society's belief pressured me that a woman who has reached a certain age and level of accomplishment should be married. They thought that there is something wrong with me why I was not yet married then. I was always bombarded with questions like 'isn't your biological clock ticking?', where's your boyfriend? why you let him go? These were unfair perception! It is important to understand that women are getting married late because we are fulfilling our career goals and we are no longer limited to what we can achieve. Furthermore, we are not mandated to find a husband that can support us financially. Being single does not equate with being lonely. But, during that time I was caught between what I believe and what I feel. I was into a silent panic. Thinking how about when I get home in an evening, there is no one to welcome me except for a dog/cat. Preparing dinner alone, I will not able to discuss things on my mind when I want to. If there is something interesting on the TV especially if its gossip about showbiz, I won't be able to talk about that until I'm at work especially if my parents are no longer with me. I must admit that there were instances that I got scared of growing old alone. But, knowing myself, I am the type of person who rather be alone than be with someone that can't be better than me even in the size of a dream (dreams are free). I have the tendency of domineering, thus, GOD brought me to my husband who belongs to a culture where equal rights are highly observed. Fast Forward, I am a wife, full time mom, nanny to my son, househelper in our own house, been a part time employee and a student . What an accomplishments! Looking forward to Season Winter of my life.


LODS said...

Hi, thanks for the link. I've also added you on mind..

I also went through a big change,more like a big leap,lol. I met my husband online and in less than a year I got uprooted and transplanted here in America where everything is new. I took a big chance and it paid off. I am a mom of two girls and its hard but fulfilling at the same time.

Reese Milania said...

nice blog!!!