March 02, 2011

How to increase your page rank?

When you search 'how to increase your page rank? via Google, Yahoo or Bing. You'll find lots of ways and techniques on how to do it especially coming from sites who started from scratch and reached a higher rank because it's more credible and it's based on their experience. So, they mentioned about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, linking to other sites, exchange links and of course the most important ones are regularly update your site and make all posts relevant. Well, linking to other sites especially those with huge traffic is a plus. I find exchanging links with little unease. It's not because I'm not friendly or anything related with it, I just find little insincerity with the process. Some will say that the site is nice, they love it but the real motive is just to exchange link. I tried to visit one site to another, yes I did say that I like their sites and told them that I added them on my site links and its up to them if they want me to be added too. There's one Filipina who's the owner of Dressing Up For Me, told me that she wants to exchange link with me too because she supports Filipina Bloggers. That's so nice of her. Exhanging links open door of friendships and a network with a common beliefs. In which, I hope should be the main purpose of one when exchanging links, last will be to help increase page rank. Furthermore, you owe your followers good contents, links are also included. Lately, I  focus on changing the look of my site and haven't restarted yet blog hopping. Those sites with helpful tips and techniques on how to increase page rank have one thing in common with regards to exchanging links and that is  "make sure you exchange link on sites with relevant, updated and in good taste topics" which I hope would also be the perception on this site.

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