October 12, 2012

Hydrogen Peroxide Keeps Teeth and Gums Healthy

I went to my dentist yesterday and had my wisdom tooth extracted. It took a while before the dentist was able to pull the tooth because it's on the top-end part. I was having hard time also because I have to open my mouth as wide as I can to accomodate the dentist's tools used on both sides. It's been almost 7 years since my last tooth extraction so I was so tensed. Anyways, the session took 40 minutes which include waiting for the anesthesia to work, the actual tooth extraction was close to 20 minutes. I was told not to rinse my mouth on that day and have warm water plus salt which started this morning for every 4 hours esp. after meals. For the swelling which I experienced last night, I just placed an iced bag. I was also given antibiotic and pain medication if the need arise for the latter. This morning I was asked by my husband if I still use hydrogen peroxide. We started using hydrogen peroxide late last year. We use it to clean our toothbrush and as addition to toothpaste to clean our teeth and make the gums healthy. After brushing our teeth with toothpaste, rinsing, flossing, we dip our toothbrush on a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water and brush it all over our teeth. We feel cleaner and fresher and it helps too to whiten our teeth. At first, I don't believe this until my hubby showed this site http://www.actualcures.com/hydrogen-peroxide-ends-gingivitis-keeps-teeth-gums-healthy/ which tells that it's safe and effective. Check this out and judge for yourself.

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