March 16, 2011

I am Asian,we have manners and they are GOOD

I'm really offended by this girl's rant about Asians because I am one. She might not be aware that Asia is a continent and it comprises of different countries and cultures. Asians are known for having close family ties, even you turned 18 years old, you can still stay and live with your parents. It's not about not teaching them not to be independent, staying together is part of the culture. I pity this girl because in 3 minutes rant & fame, she lost lots of things and that's because of her claimed 'manners' that her parents taught her. She learned her lesson the hard way and it's very costly.

Thanks to this girl for being sensitive and aware of different cultures. What may seems right to others might not be perceived the same by others. What I love with this video is her appreciation of Asian culture with regards to family. She said, (around 3:45 of the video) 'that's what family unit is about, caring about one another, doing things like that.....something beautiful, someone's parents taking their time, out of long working day to come and give their children a meal, that's awesome! that's amazing!

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