September 23, 2012

Impostor Crisis

I remember asking my mom what were the other names she thought of giving me and she mentioned a lot. They're Mary Jane, Donna, Alma and Theresa which are equally beautiful as what I have now though mine is more unique (ehem). Whatever your name is doesn't define the real who and what you are. When you hear Kennedy, Hilton, Bush and Trump, they represent the upper class of the society but we don't know whether they are really compassionate and they care for the needy, as what the media projects of them. They have all the resources to make them look good to the public. We can't forever hide and cover our moral values, if one says that he's against abortion but has been practicing that on his family in deepest secrecy, it will haunt him/her in the future. I thought that each of one us has aliases / a.k.a which the common one is IMPOSTOR. We are IMPOSTOR in some ways / areas of our lives, we proclaim that we're okay but deep inside we're not. We play friendly because we have other motives. We criticize others to  defend ourselves. We brag because we want to be appreciated. We are impostors in our own ways, we know deep inside us who we are and what are our capabilities but we put a mask / shield and pretend we're the opposite ones. What drives this tendency to pretend and be what you're not? I think outlook in life and one's faith to GOD matters in here. If you're optimist and believe that GOD is always there to help you in his time, you need not worry which doesn't require you to pretend and play someone else's. I observed that it's easy to pretend if the motive is for  personal favor than to defend yourselves. As what my friend always says,' If I'm mad, I'm mad, no amount of pretensions could hide that and I don't care what's the situation might be.' But, if she's in her workplace and her boss pissed her off, she pretends that she's not bothered at all to show her co-workers that she's tough and she needs to stay because of possible promotion but the truth is, she's furious. With this, it shows that most of us experience impostor crisis in our lives, I can't say that it's wrong because each of us has different reasons and purposes why we pretend and be an impostor. The term impostor has a negative implication but there are situations in our lives that we purposely or compelled to be one. The unpleasant situation is when you, yourself believe on who/ what you're not because you've been doing it for a very long time. So, I leave this post with a question, Have you been an Impostor?

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