March 11, 2011

Earthquakes - Indonesia, Haiti, Chile and Japan

Countries like Indonesia, Haiti, Chile and now Japan which was hit by an 8.9 magnitude, have been into horrific and devastating situations. This kind of tragedy caused an enermous loss for the country and its citizens. I hope some people would realize that there's a GOD and we need to believe in him no matter what religion you're at. This only shows that fame, money and whatever you have right now are temporary because in a strike of a calamity, they're gone. I became more thankful to GOD for the things I have right now because I am capable to enjoy them and I'm alive and safe. I pray for Japan and the nearby countries for their safety and for their faith in GOD to be stronger as ever.





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Sweet said...

I feel sorry for everyone in Japan I was teary eyed while watching the news and was a bit scared for my family's welfare in the Philippines when all the warnings were given...but thank God they are all safe...

we should alway be reminded that we need to pray harder and trust GOD above all things...

Have you heard the prediction of our LADY of PEACE about the recent earthquake in Japan??? it gave me goosebumps and I was really scared...after reading it...if you want I can give you the link...