March 26, 2011

a KID asking advice from YAHOO Answers

Are you kidding me? No, but it's true, how amazing to read something that bothers a kid. Technology is really into their generation, a click on the lappy or desktop or iPhone, they were able to express themselves and what bothers them. Have you tried to sign-in and joined Yahoo Answers? It's fun reading big or small stuff that bothers somebody that makes them to seek help. On my part, I got involved instantly by providing some answers based on what I thought is best for the situation / problem shared. Anyways, this is a very cute problem / situation that seeks answers and the funny part, my answer was chosen as the Best Answer. Herego:

[Title] I need help for my friend's little brother
We are playing hide and seek in my friend's aunt house and her little brother who is around the age of 7-9 said 'I cancel'. We came out and asked him why and he said it's something in the basement that's why he cancelled. We asked him what he saw but he won't tell us. How do we get him to tell us? {need to rephrase some of her sentences}

My Answer chosen as Best Answer
He might just making a story that's why he won't tell you what he saw. If you can't bribe him, make some story too like, yeah, we saw that too before but we just ignored it, now he's be the one that will be puzzled with that. Play his game too.

It's fun, my day won't pass without browsing some current questions seeking for answers. Hope you can try it too and who knows save someone who's so desperate, stress and hopeless that day. I usually do is cheering them up, that's what I know I'm good at.

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