March 04, 2011

KODAK is getting blurry

Not the photos but the company's status. I thought of writing this post because I saw hubby reading articles about KODAK. Ok, I got sneaky and read some information about it. KODAK is a big company and you wouldn't believe that Standard & Poor's (S&P500) cut its credit rating to "C" citing that KODAK may not be able to support its debt payments, it used to have B- rating. Anyways, come to think of it, I haven't heard of any new products of KODAK, they rely on Intellectual Property, IPs revenue. Their stock share tumbled just after they lose their case against HP, and when they presented their financial statements. How can they create a new product without a fund? Their debt is so huge and lots of people are projecting that it will go bankcrupt like the other big companies in USA such Chrysler. I read also that Best Buy wouldn't carry anymore the brand in the Fall. I don't have the CEO thinking, but in my opinion they've been complacent and it's too late now to be aggressive, some of their competitors such HP and LEXMARK are doing good. I hope as what the other investors are hoping that the biggest shareholder of KODAK could persuade or force the company to be sold. Another sad story for working force if they file bankcruptcy which I hope not.

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