March 17, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Fix It

We have a nice weather yesterday and it's hubby's day off which started by having an appointment with Safelite AutoGlass to replace his cracked windshield. They went to our house as early as 8 am to do the repair on our parking lot. Since the replacement / repair required some time before hubby could drive the car he decided to be Mr. Fix It that day by doing the rotation of the car's tires which saved him $25. While hubby was so busy with his car, I thought of having general cleaning in the kitchen. I got dizzy and had backpains for leaning, scrubbing and mopping. It was a tremendous workout. Hubby was so worn out too and having muscle pains on his arms. I finished fixing the kitchen before hubby was done with the rotations. After lunch, I brought my son to his room for his afternoon nap while hubby was relaxing watching a movie.  I decided to drop by at the grocery store while my son was asleep. When I got home, my son was wide awake and playing with hubby. It felt good accomplishing things and having some time off from taking care of my son. Well, next time my project would be general cleaning / fixing the bathroom including replacement of toilet seat which I browsed the Youtube for help because we don't have any idea on how to remove the existing and replace it. For the others who's planning to do the same, I share with you the video on replacing the toilet seat.

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