March 11, 2011

My JC Penny's $5.97 shoes

Hubby and  I went to our accountant to file our tax and it took us a while to find their new office.  I waited inside the car together with my son who's so crabby and we just watched his favorite Thomas & Friends movie via portable dvd. After 30 minutes, we took our lunch in KFC and headed to my inlaws house. On the way, my son took his afternoon nap and we don't want to wake him up for at least an hour so I decided to drop by in JC Penney while hubby waited in the parking lot with my son.  I didn't bring my purse because my purpose is just to walk / look around for at least 30 minutes to let our son take his nap. Then when I was in the shoe section, a clearance sale sign with 80%-90% off the regular price glued me on that section and was able to find one that fits me and just cost $5.97 with original SRP of $45.00. How will I pay? I forgot my purse and will take time to get it and go back again. Well that shoes was destined to be mine, I remember that I got a change in my pocket from the gas station after buying newspaper. Viola! I got the shoes and hubby was suprised and said 'I thought you wouldn't be shopping that's why you leave your purse'. Shoplifting!, I jokingly replied. Here's my comfy $5.97 shoes;

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