March 20, 2011

Shoes and Bags are Girl's Bestfriends

Bestfriend makes you laugh, makes you feel good, brings out the best in you and boost your confidence. They may cause you to spend a lot sometimes but you don't mind because you're happy having them. So, shoes and bags are also girls' bestfriends, agree? When I go to the store with or without plan of shopping, I usually stay on shoes and bags sections which seems to have a magic glue. When I see a pair of shoes that's so nice and comfy on my feet, that's the first step on being trapped into spending spree. Of course, I need to check on the price but regardless if I really want it, I will buy it. I have 3 pairs of shoes that I bought last year that I haven't wore yet. Then, last week I have my 5 bucks shoes which will be added to that pile of shoe boxes in my closet. I have this favorite shoes for all seasons, a Liz Claiborne casual leather shoes. I love it, it's so comfy that even I almost slipped on icy floor for wearing it on winter, I don't mind. Then when it comes to bags, I have four unused bags including one (1) gift from a friend but I still have plans to buy a new one for spring. For a stay at home mommy like me for now, I'm too lazy to switch bags because I have extra stuff in my bag which are for my son's needs. So, why most women can't resist shopping for shoes and bags even they don't need it? Why can't I say no? or stick in my mind 'I don't need it '. There's always an alibi, 'I will wear that next season' and so forth. When hubby discovered those shoe boxes in our closet, he asked, 'when are you going to wear all of these?'. 'Soon', I replied. The next day, I transferred those shoes in my son's closet, (lol!). I thought, most of the men have more vices than women like smoking, drinking, gambling and paying huge for watching games with their friends. They are too costly and has bad effect on ones health. Shoes and Bags are costly too but has no bad effect on ones health (hahahahha). Anyways, I hope hubby will overlooked this post, (lol). How can I say NO MORE if I see picture like this?

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