March 27, 2011

Sunday's Newspaper Sale Ads Inserts

There's always a Sunday newspaper in our house because of the manufacturer's coupons and sales ads of various retail stores. I bet these retail stores budget for prints are huge because they need to compete with each other especially nowadays that customers are spending wisely. Every Sunday, I collect coupons and check what stores have good deals. The above deals in a leading supermarket are enticing, thus I'm planning to have my grocery shopping there for this week and break my loyalty to my favorite one. You will save a lot by keeping those manufacturer's coupon and watch out for stores that have their in-store promos/discount too because you will end up buying a product for less than a buck. I got manufacture's coupon for colgate, listerine, kleenex, Palmolive dish wash, softsoap body wash and then I found out that CVS Pharmacy has good in-store deals too for the above products. Imagine that I saved almost $12 for all of them. I will end this post by encouraging you to use coupons, whether from Sunday's newspaper or other sources, the amount you saved could help to pay your gas, now that it's soaring.

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