August 01, 2013

Texting while driving and other distractions

We had our dinner in our favorite restaurant and on our way there, hubby noticed the car ahead of us was too slow. He still stayed on that lane despite following a slow moving vehicle. At last, he finally passed the vehicle and we both saw that a teenager male was texting while driving. I understand some couldn't help it or can't get rid of the habit BUT the consequences of that might be TOO severe and difficult to handle. If you're still texting while driving, just pause for a while and think about this, what if a member of your family became a victim of texting while driving accident?. How would you accept it? An irresponsible / stupid act of one harmed someone. It's hard! I am not playing saint here but my hubby and I never texted while driving. Do not do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you. Ok, there's the texting ban, but it didn't make any differences, rather it became worse because the driver/texter places the phone below the steering wheel or dash board or place it on their lap so that they wouldn't be caught. That's too much distraction because they need to look down more. Well, it's not just the texting because whatever gadgets you'll have if you use them unwisely while driving, it's the driver's fault. Talking on the phone, applying make-up, eating, drinking coffee, too loud music and others are distractions in driving. We don't need another law to ban each of this distractions to promote responsible driving. It should come inside the person's heart and mind. Common sense and compassion. Below are photos of distractions in driving. 

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sweet said...

awww I hate people who drive and does not stop while talking to their phone worst here in Thailand there are some who are driving their motorcycles and texting...just think about the consequences hehehehe grr!!!!