March 25, 2011

TOPSIDER Oil Changer- Hubby's new toy

Everyday hubby kept on checking with me the status of the above gadget I ordered from, he's so excited about it. Yesterday afternoon, it came via UPS and he immediately assembled it without taking his dinner first. A Topsider is a vacuum oil extractor that allows you to suck the oil via dipstick hole rather than going underneath the car to drain it. According to him since doing oil change for a car is very important long term health of any vehicle, this stuff gives a lot of savings because it's easy to use and very affordable. Hubby doesn't want to pay somebody to do it for us anymore, because this gadget is very handy and useful so he thought that it's a good investment for a price of $49.99. It is easy to use, just insert the hose in the tube for oil dipstick and then build a vacuum with the attached pump, release the valve and the oil is drawn out of the engine. Hubby browsed the net and went to reviews and forums about this gadget before he decided to buy it, most of them say one thing 'they love it' count my hubby too.


grace said...

Hello.. love your site... pinay ka?

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