March 06, 2011

Wearing Seatbelt according to a 4 years old boy

We accompanied my father in law to our friend's farm to look at some of the trucks for sale. I was seated at the back of our car beside my son. When I pulled the seatbelt, it got stucked somewhere so I ended up not wearing it on the way to the farm. After seeing the trucks for sale, we drove back to my inlaws' house and dropped off my father in law. I seated on the front seat and mentioned to hubby that he needs to check the seatbelt later on that day. Then, I recall my friend's 4 year old son once asked me 'Tita why are you not wearing seatbelt?" Before I could explain myself, I got scolded. He said, "it's bad not to wear seatbelt because you might have accident and you will be thrown out of the car." What a smart kid! The reason why I was not wearing seatbelt that time was because I reached for my tote bag to get a toy and biscuit for my son. Before I could put it back, that's when he saw me not wearing it. That boy reminded me of when you preach, you should set an example. Here's a very nice video to remind us it's important to buckle up.

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