March 17, 2011

Where to go this Weekend?

My dearest hubby asked me where I want to go this weekend because he'll be off then which I replied anywhere!  He told me to browse the net and look for good deals like we had last Fall wherein we stayed in The Hyatt Place because of their promo. Anyways, the weather is getting better and I thought of looking for outdoor activities where I found some. I wrote it down and showed it to hubby which he declined and suggested to look for hotel with promo as well as restaurant within the area that has a good deal.

I want to go to a site where I can fnd good deals / discount coupons within our area or nearby and I found this GROUPON site which is very helpful. I will show this site to hubby when he gets home so we could decide where to go this weekend? How about you guys, any plans this weekend? Check the GROUPON site because they have good deals within your area.

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