April 18, 2013

Why does hair turn gray?

Having gray hair is a natural transformation and all people's hair turn gray at some point of time of their lives. I got my first gray hair when I was in highschool. It was a shoulder length straight black hair with lots of gray strands. It didn't bothered me that much because I was not that conscious yet. I started dyeing my hair when I was in college and tried other colors aside from black. The dyeing has been a routine up to this time. You will notice that gray hair is very visible with those people with darker hair than those with lighter color hair. I got so curious on what are the causes of having gray hair so I browsed the net and found that the root of our hair is covered by pigment tissue called follicle. The pigment cells in this tissue gives out melanin which is the one that gives color to the hair. How much melanin is present in the hair follicle tells how dark or light the hair would be. Then as we grow old, the pigment worn out until it dies which results to lesser quantity of melanin. The less melanin, the less color is given to the hair. I found out that smoking causes four times more of having gray hair. Also, stress and gray hair go hand in hand, according to Scientific American. A small study at Sinai Hospital, concluded that individuals who lead stressful lives report premature graying more often than those who have lower stress levels. So, how to increase melanin? It is recommended to have plenty of protein in one's diet and eat seafood because they are rich in copper and iodine. Avoid stress by practicing yoga / deep breathing and quit smoking because they are added factors to decrease ones melanin supply. But if you're not concern about having gray hair, live with it like what I've doing for years now. When I moved here in USA, I just dye my hair at home unlike when I was in the Philippines I used to go to hair salon every month. I'm not sure how strong those hair colors the hair salons here in USA are using. It costs too much compared to a do-your-self hair color product. Then, I saw how fast they do it because they have other customers waiting, so I thought quality of the hair color is affected. Lastly, I worried about those articles I read that hair dyeing is being connected to causing some cancerous illness such as NHL or Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Come to think  it, having a regular, let's say monthly hair dyeing, the chemicals and its effect on the skin might have some repercussions which might not be known for now so precautions are needed. This is the reason why I procrastinate on dyeing my hair because I don't want my scalp/skin be used with it. I dye my hair when gray hair are too obvious/longer or there's an occasion that I will be attending. See for yourself, my gray hair and my brand of hair dye.

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