May 15, 2013

Why people smoke even they know it's unhealthy?

I tried smoking before but I got scared of the possibility that I will be addicted to it so I quit. I was one those people who thought that smoking is a very cool thing to do and it makes you relax but coming from a family whose some members' death were caused by smoking, it scared me. My grandfather died of throat cancer at age of 62 and my uncle of lung cancer, they were heavy smokers. I remember my grandfather's breakfast, a cup of coffee and cigarettes.  I learned that as we get older, we acquired plaque in the arteries of our hearts and it gets worse when we're exposed to smoking or secondary because this plaque has the tendency to break-up and cause a heart attack. Now, I'm really worried about hubby's smoking habit. His alibi for still having it, the stress of his work. It's been a struggle, an on and off breaking of the habit, you can't be assured that things are still ok because you don't have any symptoms of whatever illness. But, why wait for illness to quit? Are your family not enough reason for you to quit? You're working so hard, saving for the future of your family but you don't realize that those savings might solely go to your future medications.  It's so hard to quit, I know because I witness that with hubby's case but I'm still patiently reminding him that smoking is a bad habit. Anything BAD should stop. Can we just sacrifice that 'nice feeling' you're getting from smoking, to make your family happy and have peace of mind? It scares me whenever I hear my hubby coughs though he's no longer a heavy smoker but it doesn't stop me to worry. We're not getting younger, we must take care of our health, getting rid of the habit lets the body start healing immediately. It's not yet too late to quit. Hubby bought an electronic cigarette and will try his best to kick the bad habit this Spring/Summer season. I hope this time, it's for good, our son needs us, so, we should live longer.

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