April 20, 2011

Advance Easter Haircut

I used to have my haircut during easter Sunday when I was in the Philippines. I don't know, it just let me feel resurrected somehow having new haircut, it's like new life, new beginning.  This time, it's for my son and hubby, they have their early easter haircuts. We make sure that hubby and I are together accompanying our son to have his haircut because it's a riot. My son doesn't want that feeling caused by the razor, so he'll cry his lungs out, kick, yell and do other stunts but to our suprise, this time we didn't hold him and he was fine with one barber, though crying is not exempted. Whenever we bring him to the barber, we're all in all four people attending to my son. The barber cuts the hair, the other barber holds his head, my hubby carried him on his lap and holding his body and arms, while I hold his legs to stop from kicking. I hope the soonest  he will be comfy with having haircut. Here are his photos before and after the haircut.
Before the Haircut

After the haircut - milk is the best thing to pacify him

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