April 18, 2011

Children's Birthday Party

BIKO - c/o Google Images
My son was not able to attend his friend's birthday party because his cough and colds are still severe. I came to the party alone and enjoy bonding with Pinays with yummy Pinoy meals. We seldom have Pinoy meals at home because hubby is not much into it, so, whenever I have the chance of having Pinoy meals, it's a blasts.  Yesterday, I indulge on pansit, pork barbeque, spaghetti and biko. It's been ages since the last time I ate biko, (rice cake?) and it aint ordinary biko because it tastes good with lots of langka and latik. Then, the spaghetti reminds me of Jollibee's. It's a no-diet moment, lol!

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