April 29, 2011

Colds and Sore Throat strikes again

My son and I have them last week and we're recovering now, it strikes again but this time it's on hubby. He's complaining about his severe sore throat yesterday and when he woke up this morning, his voice sounds so sick. I told him to take some rest since he's on-call, take advantage of the waiting time. He's so worried of getting sick and staying home next week because it's his vacation time, he doesn't want to spend it staying home than driving elsewhere doing outdoor activities like fishing. Hope it won't get serious because he deserves to enjoy his vacation after those stressfull long hours of duties and travel. Anyways, I'm still busy preparing for the big day, took this time to check for some opps, unfortunately none from the leads got approved. Will post some photos of the big day next time. Have a nice weekend!

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